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specializes in creating beautiful and unique weddings & events with personalized details.

Planning a wedding or event goes way beyond just design and champagne—it's a mix of research, tricky conversations, some negotiations, and a lot of (little) details. But hey, we tackle it all with a smile! We work together to grasp your vision and needs to craft a plan that mirrors your unique style and preferences.


We provide different types of packages ranging from Month of Coordination to Full-Service Event Planning along with everything in between. Event Blvd. will collaborate with you to create an unforgettable event that will be tailored specifically for you. Please contact us to schedule your initial consultation today!

We create, you celebrate.


"Christina is amazing! Anyone who tells you "you don't need a wedding planner" has never planned a wedding. They are absolutely essential and Christina is the way to go! She is on top of every detail and has so much experience. I hired her for the month of my wedding but she was so sweet to keep in touch with me and was available to answer any questions even months prior to the event date. Having her there as a professional not only takes a load off your plate, but also alleviates a lot of the stress [you didn't even know would come your way]. From my experience, she was even more amazing the day of the event. She made sure everything ran smoothly and that I didn't have to worry about a single thing. Thanks to her, the reception went perfectly!!"
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